Announcing Motion AI’s Funding Round

Why we’re building the UI for AI — and a status update on where we’re at, where we’re going, and how we’ll get there.

After many months in stealth, we were very excited to unveil Motion AI on Product Hunt November 10th.

Reception and feedback was incredible. We reached #1 for the day, and with 1,100+ upvotes, Motion AI became a Top 70 hunt of all time.

It was fantastic to see our thesis validated, and hear specific use cases from thousands of excited individuals.

Today, I’m excited to announce the opening of our angel round. We are seeking $350K and accredited investors may access additional details on More information is available at the bottom of this post.

For those who aren’t familiar with Motion AI, we’re building the tools required to simplify the normally complex nature of deploying Artificial Intelligence to business applications. Our product allows companies to easily train and deploy robots to handle any range of tasks from customer service to food ordering and healthcare tasks. In a nutshell: we’re the UI, for AI. Motion AI is IFTTT meets Omnigraffle, for Machine Learning.

“If you can draw a flowchart, you can create Artificial Intelligence.”

Over 5,000 companies and individuals have joined our waitlist, and the pizzeria demo on our website has served up almost 10,000 virtual pizzas.

To date, Motion AI has been self-funded, thanks to the success of prior ventures. And while we’re capable of bringing Motion AI to general availability without funding, this round allows us to expedite that process and bring on key hires sooner than we otherwise would be able to.

So far, I’ve done much of the engineering myself and have relied on contractors as-needed. Thanks to our strong debut, we already have many job candidates who are passionate about AI and our mission.

We will be fully launching our product around six months after the closing of our round, with initial onboarding of those on the waitlist beginning around month three.

A glimpse at the Motion AI dashboard

Just since our Product Hunt debut, we’ve made great strides on the development of our core product. At present, the back-end is 60–70% completed, and our front-end is coming along very fast. Thankfully, our pizza demo is far more than a hardcoded prototype — it runs entirely on our platform.

Our infrastructure is predominantly based on Ruby and Python, making use of MongoDB and Node.js. Stanford CoreNLP was our starting point for Natural Language Processing, while Theano has guided our Deep Learning efforts. We’re currently hiring, so be sure to check out our job listings here!

I’m incredibly excited about the future of Motion AI, and truly thankful for the great support and feedback I’ve received from the community so far. I believe that together, we will create the best, most robust Artificial Intelligence platform around.

If you’re an accredited investor and would like to participate in our angel round (minimum investment is $2,500 — but priority is placed on larger investments), please email me:

Finally, be sure to join our waitlist and follow us on AngelList for the very latest!


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